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Summer fly fishing – warm water species you should be targeting

Summer fly fishing – warm water species you should be targeting

Photo: @chrisbfreshly

Here on the East Coast come July, August and September the weather gets hot and the trout fishing shuts down in most areas. If you’re like me not being on the water for 3 months is excruciating. What I decided to do this summer is shift my focus away from traditional trout fishing and find some warm water species that I can fish for.
The first here is smallmouth bass when the trout fishing in my local streams and rivers dry up the smallmouth bass bite heats up. There’s nothing like having a bass shaped like a football explode out of the water and crush your fly. No need 4 dainty nymph presentations, these things are predators and will crush a streamer or topwater popper.

The the next on my list are carp. I can find these in any pond in my area and they are tanks. Hook into one of these monsters and they’ll set your drag screaming. Regardless of how unselective they may be, there’s nothing like having one of these take your four or five wait down to its backing.

Last but not least are your common panfish. I can find bluegill in pretty much any Lake or pond and they are not discriminative at all with what they eat. I remember as a kid catching bluegill with my father on little worms off the dock. There’s a reason most of us got started fishing for these because they’re easy to catch and fun as hell. If you’re looking for a fun way to kill a couple hours or even teach your son or daughter the basics, head out to a pond Chuck a few flies around the shoreline and have a blast.