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Summer fly fishing – How to beat the heat

Summer fly fishing – How to beat the heat

When the temperature goes up most people pack up their gear and wait for the calm cool of the Fall to get back out trout fishing. If you’re like me I just can’t wait that long. To help you out I put together few tips to beat the heat the summer.

Head out to the Mountains! – A lot of these Mountain Brooks and streams are spring fed and contain a decent population of wild trout. Some of these streams may only be 5 to 10 ft wide and be tricky to access but they receive constant flow of cold water and better yet very little pressure. Tip here is to get a map or Google Earth and find mountain streams that feed some of your favorite trout waters. 

Target Tailwaters – Reservoirs release a constant flow of cold water often resulting in excellent trout fishing.   These fish have a reputation for being finicky but can also grow into some real pigs 

Spring Creeks – I’ve been blessed that my native Pennsylvania waterways include a solid spring creek population.  From the famous Letort to Spring Creek, these streams are naturally spring fed and stay in the high 50s or low 60s all summer long.  The bonus here is that these streams are also characterized by a high biomass which translates to big fish!