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Best Fly Patterns – Terrestrials

Best Fly Patterns – Terrestrials

What are the top terrestrial patterns from around the web?  The Fly Fish Guy has found the best impressionistic and confidence inspiring patterns for your viewing pleasure.

# 1 – Unnamed Hopper by Fred Hannie

This is truly an impressionistic pattern at its finest.  The proportions on the antennae and legs are spot on.  The color patterns on this also have so much detail it looks like the real thing.  I honestly couldn’t tie this to the end of my line because it looks so good!

# 2 – W4F Hip Hopper by Blue Ridge Custom Flies

This one is definitely fish-able and is guaranteed to catch fish.  Check out Ken Tanaka slaying fish in Utah with this pattern here.  There is some great segmentation on this hopper and has some great impressionistic features.

# 3 – Project Hopper by Fly Fish Food

The elegance of this pattern is rooted in its simplicity.  The guys at Fly Fish Food do a great job of matching the profile of your traditional hopper with these foam segments and have a creative solution to making the legs.  I love the simple and effective use of marker to create the body segmentation and the stimi-hair adds some great flotation properties.